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Device that recycles vaporized water from power plants wins MIT $100K
This 27-Year-Old Scientist Has A Fix For Our Pesticide Problem
Maher Damak wins Lemelson Award
Samantha McBride wins Martin Fellowship
News Release: Infinite Cooling from MIT wins 2018 Rice Business Plan Competition
Today’s Must-Reads For Entrepreneurs: How Vineyard Vines Built A Unicorn Without Raising Capital
MIT-born Infinite Cooling wins Rice Business Plan Competition
MIT undertakes Grand Challenge for innovation in global vaccine manufacturing
The high-tech coating that makes ketchup, toothpaste and glue glide out of the container


PhD candidates Maher Damak and Karim Khalil named Forbes 30 under 30
A new way to mix oil and water
Stick, peel, or bounce: Controlling a freezing droplet’s fate
The engineer who ended the ketchup bottle battle
Group researchers designed a method to control and separate fluids on a surface using only visible light
Group researchers design coatings to prevent pipeline clogging
Slippery bottle solves ketchup problem
Group Alumnus Srinivas Subramanyam talks about Developing New Coatings for Icing and Fouling Environments
PhD candidate Maher Damak recognized for advances in engineering and chemistry
Kripa Varanasi: Innovating at interfaces


How to empty the ketchup bottle every time
Spray That Stays
Researchers from the Varanasi group and ESPCI in Paris have developed a new way of driving fluid droplets across surfaces in a precisely controlled way
Researchers from the Varanasi group have found a way to make pesticides stick to leaves instead of bouncing off
MIT makes pesticide safer by making it sticky


New analysis of textured surfaces could lead to more efficient, and less dangerous, power plants
“Conjugated Polymers: Low-Dimensional Conduction Mechanisms in Highly Conductive and Transparent Conjugated Polymers” by Asli Ugur cover article in Advanced Materials
Liquiglide Announces Exclusive Agreement with Elmer’s Products Inc.
Varanasi Group Alum and Liquiglide Co-Founder named on “Forbes 30 under 30” list for 2015 in the Energy Category
Group researchers have shown that non-wetting surfaces promote chemical reaction rates
A research on the conductivity of promising polymers for optoelectronics and thermoelectric devices has been featured in MIT news
Graduate student Sami Khan receives Young Researcher Award
Prof. Kripa K. Varanasi has been Granted a Tenure Position by MIT
Synthetic coatings: Super surfaces. Nature, 26 March 2015
With New Nonstick Coating, the Wait, and Waste, Is Over. New York Times, 3/24/2015
Published in Soft Matter “How droplets nucleate and grow on liquids and liquid impregnated surfaces, ” selected for the back-cover of the journal and amongst the most read articles!


“Dropwise Condensation of Low Surface Tension Fluids on Omniphobic Surfaces” accepted in Scientific Reports
DropWise, 2014 MassChallenge 50k Gold Winner!
Liquiglide featured in the Boston Globe
Varanasi Group Announced as MIT Deshpande Center Grant Recipient
Editor’s Pick (Today’s Energy Solutions): Separating finely mixed oil and water
LiquiGlide Celebrates First Anniversary Milestones
Liquiglide featured in the Boston Globe
Research on preventing scale formation featured on MIT News. MIT researchers develop a slippery coating that could prevent the scaling that fouls oil wells and power plants.


Professor Varanasi featured on TIME program “The Future of Invention”
Reducing the contact time of a bouncing drop
July 15th, 2013: Prof. Varanasi wins 2013 Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award
July 9th, 2013: Dr. Sushant Anand amongst winners of the prestigious Branco Weiss Fellowship (pdf)
July 1st, 2013: Talking Shop: Kripa Varanasi (MechE Connects) Dr. Kripa Varanasi speaks about his vision and what inspires him. Read his interview here
June 1st, 2013: LiquiGlide is Finalist for INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award 2013 LiquiGlide listed as a finalist for INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award 2013! Read more here
April 16th, 2013: Gizmodo lists LiquiGlide as one of 22 Best Product Designs of the Year LiquiGlide listed as one of 22 Best Product Designs of the Year (2012) by Gizmodo! Read more here
January 16th, 2013: Droplet mobility on lubricant-impregnated surfaces is featured as Front Cover of Soft-Matter. The paper is also amongst the Most Read Articles


December 27th, 2012: LiquiGlide has been listed by Forbes Magazine in its list of Best Food Inventions-2012! Read more here. Also read what Business Insider has to say!
November 30th, 2012: Prof. Kripa Varanasi has received the 2013 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award
November 16th: Condensation using Lubricant Impregnated Surfaces (LIS) featured in Popular Science and Economist
November 1st, 2012: LiquiGlide has been chosen by Time Magazine in its list of Best Inventions-2012! Read more here
October 23rd, 2012: Among the teams winning MassChallenge, LiquiGlide takes its spot! Read more here, and here.
June 25th, 2012: Hydrate-phobic surfaces: fundamental studies in clathrate hydrate adhesion reduction
May 22nd, 2012: LiquiGlide listed as a World Changing Idea (2012) by Fast Company (Co.Exist)
Team LiquiGlide was bestowed the honor of the popular vote at last night’s 100k finale presentation, with audience members texting their favorite pitch to the contest organizers to vote.
April 24th, 2012: Work on hydrate-phobic surfaces has led to articles in two promininent newspapers.
April 24th, 2012: Work in the Varanasi Group has been highlighted in a special report in the Economist.
April 9th, 2012: Team LiquidGlide has advanced to semifinal round of the MIT 100K competition.
“Multimode Multidrop Serial Coalescence Effects during Condensation on Hierarchical Superhydrophobic Surfaces” Published in Langmuir
“Enhanced Condensation on Lubricant-Impregnated Nanotextured Surfaces” Published in ACS NANO
“Direct Imaging of Complex Nano- to Microscale Interfaces Involving Solid, Liquid, and Gas Phases” Published in ACS NANO
“Hydrate-phobic surfaces: fundamental studies in clathrate hydrate adhesion reduction” published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
January 8th, 2012: By taking a sheet of thermoplastic and soaking it in a solvent for an appropriate amount of time, authors Dr. Y. H. Cui, A. T. Paxson, K. M. Smyth, and Prof. K. K. Varanasi show how superhydrophobic dual-length-scale structures result from solvent-induced recrystallization.

Group Spotlight

Congratulations to Srinivas Subramanyam who has received his Doctoral degree and will start working at Eastman Chemicals as an advanced research scientist. (06/03/2016)

Congratulations to Taylor Farnham who has received his Master’s degree and will start working as a Mechanical Design Engineer at LiquiGlide – one of the startups that originated in the Varanasi Research Group. (06/03/2016)

Sami Khan, PhD Student in Varanasi Group was awarded the Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. There were 1586 applicants and 400 recipients were selected. (06/01/2016)

Congratulations to graduate students Henri-Louis Girard and Samantha McBride on passing the Qualifying Examinations. They are now PhD candidates in the department of Mechanical Engineering. (05/27/2016)

Congratulations to graduate students Maher Damak and Sami Khan on passing the Qualifying Examinations. They are now PhD candidates in the department of Mechanical Engineering. (01/29/2016)

Dr. Sushant Anand, Postdoc in the Varanasi Group will begin his Assistant Professorship this Fall 2015 Academic Year at the University of Illinois-Chicago in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. (08/19/2015)

Dr. Jolet de Ruiter has been awarded the Rubicon Grant Fellowship by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW) Physics Division for “Study of drop Impact and Freezing dynamics under icing conditions, as a basis for new anti-icing Materials” The fellowship is set to begin in mid August 2015. (08/19/2015)

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