Developed by the Varanasi Group

LiquiGlide is the first company to create permanently wet slippery surfaces. There is no other durable solution that makes viscous liquids slide easily. From oil and gas, to better packaging for consumer goods, to high tech medical equipment, LiquiGlide custom develops slippery surfaces for any viscous liquid. Because each coating is unique, LiquiGlide can be applied safely across consumer and industrial sectors.

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Developed by the Vanarasi Research Group and the Gleason Lab

DropWise is developing innovative vapor-based coating processes for durable hydrophobic nanocoatings that eliminate the buildup of condensate on heat exchangers, boosting efficiencies of a wide range of thermal fluid systems including power generation, desalination, chemical refining, and HVAC/R. Through retrofit in-place application of extremely durable ultra-thin films with tunable properties, DropWise coatings can significantly reduce capital and operating costs of thermal fluidic systems.

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